SOBRE NÓS group together the largest network of Sommeliers in the world.

The creators of wine search engine web, also creators of the Sommeliers Network, and of the course on line either, are currently developing the web page

What is

It is a search engine of worldwide Tastings, held by sommeliers or oenologist grasduates.

What kind of Tastings can be arranged in

Tastings of wine, beer, cider, water, gin, vermouth, rum, whiskey, vodka, coffee, tea, mate, sake, oil, chocolate, cheese, ham, foie, and honey.

What do sommeliers have to do to be contacted?

Sommeliers must fill in its registration on the world map of Sommeliers, which is completely for free, indicating its functional and geographic scope.

Regarding functional scope, it must be noted whatt types of tastings they can offer to the users of the web, and they should specify the school in which they studied, their professional experience, their awards and recognitions.

Regarding the geographical scope, they should indicate their place of residence, in which they could offer these tastings.

What services offers to registered sommeliers?

After completing the registration in the largest network of sommeliers in the world, sommeliers appear in a world map and users can access to their professional card, so as to make possible to contact.

Users also will be offered to request Sommeliers budget concerning type or types of tasting and in a given area. Thus, all sommeliers who have shown their ability in their profile to celebrate that kind of tasting and residing at the address search will receive this request, so that they can answer it directly to the user within a maximum period of 24 hours.

After these 24 hours it will no longer be able to respond to the Request. Only budgets issued within this period will arrive to the users.

The management of payment services for each contract will be made by

What is the cost for Sommeliers?

The Sommeliers will not have to pay any monthly fee or starting fee.

Fees for:
- Appear in the Directory of Sommeliers,
- Reception of requests for budgets and contracts, and
- Management of payment for requested services, will be 15% of the amount finally paid by the user.

In case you are Winemaker Sommelier we invite you to be included totally for free in

On this platform there will exist neither any starting fees nor monthly fees, because the remuneration is part of the price finally paid by the user.